Alternative Valuations

A New Range of Services

At ACT Appraisal, we offer alternative valuations for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HELOC, and Property Condition Reports.

Value Acceptance + Property Data

Value acceptance + property data extends value acceptance (appraisal waiver) benefits to more borrowers while identifying current subject property characteristics including condition.

ACE+ Property Data Report (PDR)

What is ACE+ PDR? It’s a new collateral offering that perimts the lender to use a property data report (PDR) in lieu of an appraisal. The PDR can be completed by a non-appraiser, appraiser, or appraiser trainee.


Comprehensive and Timely

A Value + Inspection Report is based on real estate datasets in addition to an onsite assessment of the property. A certified local data collector does an onsite review of the property using the requestors requirements. For example, exterior only, exterior plus interior, full property condition report plus rehab budget, etc.

Property Condition Reports (PCR)

Used for final inspections, disaster certifications, exterior and interior condition verification.

A trained local data collector obtains a Property Condition Report, which encompasses material characteristics of the entire subject property collected by a third-party data collector. The report also contains photographs of the interior and exterior, as well as the option to include sketches or floor plans.

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